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About me and this site

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1 About Me

Hi, I'm KDr2(ZHUO QL), a nostalgist in technology, a misanthrope in society, an ascetic in spirit, a learner in the lifetime, and more:

  • An old-fashioned hardcore Linux guy;
  • An open-source supporter, not an opponent of GPL;
  • An Emacs and Orgmode user;
  • An reader who is trying to read more;
  • An writer who is trying to write hard;
  • An idiot of music and ryhme;

1.1 Contact

  • Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
  • Skype : zhuoql
  • Emails :
    • zhuo📧, zhuoql📧, for personal affairs.
    •📧, for development affairs, e.g. mail list, bug report.
  • Mobile : +86 0b10111010 05532 0x0636
  • GPG Key: 0x3B9EA48B157CCBC9
  • Public Schedule

2 About This Site

2.1 Content of the site

My clutter, hope it helps.

2.2 Technical Perspective

This site is built with emacs and org-mode, and some other tools, I list all of them here:

You can find my org mode configuration at and The source repository of this site is hosted on GitHub.

3 Discuss and Comment

Have few questions or feedback? Feel free to send me(zhuoql📧 an email!


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