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1. About Me

Hi, I'm KDr2(Killian Zhuo), a nostalgist in technology, a martinet in behavior, a misanthrope in society, an ascetic in spirit, a logical positivist in philosophy, a learner in lifetime.

I am interested in many domains including:

  • Computer science and programming
  • Cognitive Science
  • Reading and writing
  • Child Education
  • Data science
  • Finance

1.1. Contact Me

  • Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.
  • Email: killian.zhuo📧, or📧
  • Mobile: +86 0b10111010 0o5532 0x0636
  • Resume

2. About This Site

This site is built with emacs and orgmode, hosted on DreamHost.

You can find my org mode configuration here and the build scripts for this site here. The source repository of this site is hosted on GitHub.

I write here things that I think are worth reading, and hope they help. Feel free to contact me if you want.

Thers's also an about page of my boy on this site.

3. Discuss and Comment

Have few questions or feedback? Feel free to send me(killian.zhuo📧 an email!


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