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<2014-05-23 Fri>

1. About This Page

This is a test page. 野猪拉屎了 野猪拉屎了

2. Org Mode Simple Examples   example simple

2.1. TODO List   checkbox

<2014-03-24 Mon>

2.2. DONE Emphasis and monospace

You can make words bold, italic, underlined, code and verbatim, and, if you must, strike-through . Text in the code and verbatim string is not processed for Org mode specific syntax, it is exported verbatim.

To turn off fontification for marked up text, you can set org-fontify-emphasized-text to nil. To narrow down the list of available markup syntax, you can customize org-emphasis-alist. To fine tune what characters are allowed before and after the markup characters, you can tweak org-emphasis-regexp-components. Beware that changing one of the above variables will no take effect until you reload Org, for which you may need to restart Emacs.

3. Org Mode Complex Examples   example tag_a

3.1. Code Block   code

3.1.1. simple

static inline jl_array_t *_new_array(jl_value_t *atype, uint32_t ndims, size_t *dims)
    int isunboxed=0, elsz=sizeof(void*);
    jl_value_t *el_type = jl_tparam0(atype);
    isunboxed = store_unboxed(el_type);
    if (isunboxed)
        elsz = jl_datatype_size(el_type);
    return _new_array_(atype, ndims, dims, isunboxed, elsz);

jl_array_t *jl_new_array_for_deserialization(jl_value_t *atype, uint32_t ndims, size_t *dims,
                                             int isunboxed, int elsz)
    return _new_array_(atype, ndims, dims, isunboxed, elsz);


3.1.2. named block and block call

the output of test is:


the return value of test is:


and this is a inline call see RETURN-VALUE-STRING, see the result on exported html.

3.2. Table by Code Block   table

org-table generated by python code:

1 2 string, with, vert and | comma
4 5 6  

3.3. LaTeX   latex

latex src

\[ x_{ij}^2\quad \sqrt{x}\quad \sqrt[3]{x} \]

\[ x_{ij}^2\quad \sqrt{x}\quad \sqrt[3]{x} \]

a raw latex example:

\[ x_{ij}^2\quad \sqrt{x}\quad \sqrt[3]{x} \]

3.4. Macro Example

This is a simple, useful macro example

3.5. Footnote Example

  • An inline footnote1 here;
  • Another footnote2 here;
  • A named inline footnote3 here;
  • Another named footnote4 here;

4. Babel Languages

4.1. Emacs Lisp


5. Table

Col1 Col2
quick 狐狸跳懒狗
狗不理 fox

6. Quote

A quote:

I've found that I have to have some commands both in '.emacs' and in '.gnus', and I use the same code to sign my emails in gnus. I've never tried writing an email in org-mode, but if I was I'd tend to use a snippet from 'YASnippet', or write my own for it. I've always believed in writing emails in gnus, and using org-mode for TODOs, documents, etc.

7. Video

8. Math and Formula

[ y = x ^ 2 ]

\[ y = \frac{1}{x ^ 2} \]

9. Mermaid

graph TD A[Client] --> B[Load Balancer] B --> C[Server01] B --> D[Server02]

10. Discuss and Comment

Have few questions or feedback? Feel free to send me(zhuoql📧 an email!



the inline fn content


the fn content 2, no indent is allowed.


the fn content


the fn content name2, no indent is allowed, and this is a very very very looong footnote, at least longer than one line. what? still too short? are you kidding me?


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