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= Monday, January 24

依赖 Speculation 和 Intuition 而不是 Reasoning 做决策,是一种成瘾性堕落。一旦沾染,大脑会发生不可逆转的衰退。

= Tuesday, December 28

new words: capitulate, subpoena, quandary

= Sunday, December 19


= Sunday, December 12

New words: diagonal/diagnose, chasm/schism 

= Monday, December 6


= Monday, November 29

finally, got vaccinated today.

Tuesday, November 23

New words: crave/craven/cavern


= Monday, November 22

New words: convicted/vindicated/vindictive, daft, hearth

= Sunday, November 21


Friday, November 19


= Wednesday, November 17



= Monday, November 15

New words: constituent 

When I dislike something or somebody, I feel they even stain my blocklist if I put them in it.

= Sunday, November 14

New words: colt, furlong, dropsy, crypt, stow, cinder, condyle, femur, pike, carrion, coup, eel, dace, fickle, rapier, patrician, spindle, snaky, ingratitude, pampered, commune, miser, clamorous, plunder, swank

Taught my son what is Brownian Motion.

Finished Sherlock Holmes Volume II.

= Saturday, November 13

New words: slur, flog, scourge, weal, lagoon, shingle, glean, furrow, extravasate, ingenious, distrait, blunder, dishevel, tumbler, reticulate, tress, streak, membrane, ooze, scum, tardy

= Friday, November 12

Got a bad news.

Thursday, November 11

90 pages left in the current book being read.

= Tuesday, November 9

New words: wheezy, screech, fad, fib, flounce, paregoric, annuity, surveillance, celerity, dainty, purview, reminiscent, seizure 

= Monday, November 8

New words: incommode, conciliatory, requisition, meretricious, ignoble, solicitude, hubbub, relent, delinquent, sardonic, parasol, impersonation, debonair, derisive, raucous, cove, pate 

= Saturday, November 6

New words: thrash, streak, erysipelas, duplicity, extenuate 

= Friday, November 5

New word: contend, mediterranean, paternal, consummate, repent

= Thursday, November 4

Learned MMA: https://reference.wolfram.com/language/

Bought many books about Calculus, maybe give a list of them someday.

= Wednesday, November 3

New words: lurch, gird, clammy, candid, bramble, emanate, cogent, overawe, bluff, beget, prodigious, bust, successive, contraption, imperial/empirical, stertorously, curtsey, captor, admiral, ignoble

= Tuesday, November 2

New words: missionary, exhumed, peninsula, mariner, mound, strife, consignment, vicar of parish, lore, straggle, palpitate, ludicrous, combustion.

Trying to find a javascript(https://262.ecma-international.org/) book, for my boy.

= Monday, November 1

New words: derelict, vaseline, adroit, wilt, wail, pendulous, trumpery.

Had contrived a way to implement copiable task in Julia, and now having some experiments to verify it, it seems plausible.

Sunday, October 31

Why set-square is called set-square?

Bought three books for Josh, but it will take about one month on the package’s delivery.

New words: contingency, jemmy, portico, soot, repentance, obstinate.

Friday, October 29

Had an English class tonight. We talked about tombs and mummies in the class.