This page is not a formal part of kdr2.com, I irregularly, whimsically, and impulsively update this page to record my thoughts. If there’s something worth reading or writing, it will become part of kdr2.com. So you don’t need to watch or even read this page if you are not curious about what am I doing or thinking.


= Sunday, August 7

Came to the library and find the air conditioner was shut down there, then went back to home.

= Tuesday, July 26

I am wasting my talent and intelligence

Thursday, July 7

Sorry, I wouldn’t stay and linger too long, I am on the way to my pursuits.

= Friday, June 3

I found surface go is much handier than iPad.

= Saturday, April 2

Hard words: genius/ingenuous/ingenious

= Monday, February 14

Dependently Typed Programming in Agda: http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~ulfn/papers/afp08/tutorial.pdf