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1 Introduction

CL-FastCGI is a generic version of SB-FastCGI, targeting to run on mostly Common Lisp implementation.

You can get it from

CL-FastCGI's API is exactly the same as SB-FastCGI's.

2 Differences between SB-FastCGI.

2.1 SB-FastCGI

  • Supports SBCL only.
  • No third-party packages dependences.
  • Supports unix-domain-socket/inet-socket/stdin
  • Multithreaded fastcgi server.

2.2 CL-FastCGI

  • Targeting to running on all Common Lisp implementation. And now supports:
    • SBCL
    • CMUCL
    • CLISP
    • Clozure CL
    • LispWorks
    • ECL
  • Depends on cffi and usocket
  • Unix-domain-socket is unsupported.
  • Multithreaded fastcgi server is unsupported(You can run it in multi-processes mode).

3 Which to Use?

If you use SBCL, I recommend you select SB-FastCGI, and package SB-FastCGI has a nickname cl-fastcgi, so you can change SB-FastCGI to cl-fastcgi or change back easily, without code modifications.

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